SouthParkSatanFan2015 VGCP
Name MrLegoFan10
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Friends Dylan Jacob, DarkSydePhil

Enemies Retro Guy, NotSmirks
First Appearance Convention of The Dick Taters

SouthParkSatanFan2015 VGCP (Also known as MrLegoFan10) is a character in The Dylan Jacob Saga. He is based off the YouTube user of the same name.


He is an overweight man with a red shirt, red cap, white headphones, blond hair and a mustache.


MrLegoFan10 is a perverted man who enjoys making Fetish Porn on the Animation Software GoAnimate.


  • In The Dylan Jacob Saga, Dylan Jacob and MrLegoFan10 are friends, however, in real life, they do not get along well with eachother.

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